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John Gerry
Born in Canada
26 years
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This memorial website was created to remember our dearest John Lloyd Gerry who was born in Canada Vernon BC on June 27, 1979 and passed away on May 28, 2006.  You will live forever in our memories and hearts.

John was born the youngest and last of a family of five, the other four being his older sisters.  From the day he was born he knew how to get those sisters of his to do any and all of the things he wanted and didn't want to do.


Although John was born in Vernon BC he moved to Alberta at eight weeks of age.  He grew up in Vermilion AB and attented school there until his twelveth year, when he moved with his Dad to Delburne AB, where he graduated in 1997.


John was done with school at that point and decided working in the oil patch was the way to go.  He tried many things until the spring of 2002 when his son, Nicholas was born.  At that point he settled down and began to make a career for himself in safety.  He loved it all.  He took every course available and very soon was well qualified in the field.  He met Chris Smith and started his journey to the job he enjoyed at the time of his death.  He worked with Chris when ever the opportunity presented itself.  In 2005 he went to Sudbury with Chris to a plant job for Jacobs.  He then returned to Alberta and took his last job again with Chris and again with Jacobs.  He worked as he lived with joy and fullness.


John loved hockey and skiing and snowboarding and basically any winter sport.  He snowboared all the great hills in Alberta and BC, with his favorite being Fernie.  He took his cousin Hannah and good friend, Jon McLean, there the spring he before his death.  They had a great time if you listen to the tales that are told.


John also loved more than anything his family, especially his son, Nic.  John had moved back to Delburne as a permanent base in Oct of 2005.  He came home from work every other weekend and picked Nic up on his way home. They spent there weekends doing guy stuff and shopping.  John was an avid shopper, maybe because he was the youngest and the girls made him go with them.  Whatever the cause, John thought Costco was the best thing since sliced bread.  He enjoyed speding time with his sisters and parents.  Sunday morning usually consisted at Mom's to which he, John, invite the rest of the family, failing to tell Mom until Sunday morning.  Standard family joke for the girls was does Mom know.


When not shopping or working, John spend a great deal of time in the outdoors.  He loved fishing and hunting and vertually any outdoor sport.  He also was an avid reader and internet pursuer.  Ask his sister Samantha about how much time he spent on MSN driving her crazy at work.

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